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I make family portraits.  This is of a family with all their pets.  They had this amazing piece of yard art that was all rusted and brown in their back yard.  I first refurbished it with a new coat of paint.  Then, I took random pictures of each family member in various poses.  I painted the canvas, cut the pictures, and used fused glass for the grass.  They loved it and everyone who sees it adores it! 

I love the art I create!  I guess I am what you would call a true “multi-media” artist.  I have learned and mastered many art forms.

I really enjoy melting glass with a torch – called torch work.  I also like to melt glass in a kiln – called glass fusion, because you fuse different colors together.  Unlike torch work, fusion is usually flat.  I guess that is why I like torch work better.



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