Pansy Flower Necklace


Sweetest, tiniest dried pansy and leaf with hand-wired heart and a beautiful drop consisting of Green Garnet, 3 green Turquoise and a lovely Peridot tear drop.

GARNET – Garnets have been widely known for thousands of years, and it has long been known as the warriors stone, as soldiers from the world over wore or carried this gem as a talisman against death and injury. But it was also said to bring victory, peace and tranquility, as well as healing injuries by stopping the flow of blood.

PERIOT – is a stone of lightness and beauty. Only spiritual or clear-minded persons should use Peridot. The person with too many earthly problems will not be able to understand the beauty of the Peridot. The very spiritual can wear Peridot in a necklace with the stone at the base of the throat to feel its soothing effect. Used in a necklace, Peridot is a protector against negative emotions.

TURQUOISE – Strength, protection from harm, psychic sensitivity and connection to the spirit world.


Chain length approximately 15-16″. If you would like a specific length, just email me and I will gladly adjust!

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