Turquoise By the Sea


I love the sea! I love the sea gulls, the coral, the stones, and how I feel when I am near the sea. A shiny Silver Heart, Red Coral stone, Turquoise drop, and a Shell drop make this just amazing.

Turquoise – Strength, protection from harm, psychic sensitivity, and connection to the spirit world.

Coral – Coral is said to give wisdom. Coral is used to build an emotional foundation. It aids in the safe crossing of rivers, passages through tempests. It excites nerve power, brilliancy, and gladness and is a true health-giver. Note that coral loses its powers when broken.

Shell – will always keep you safe in water. Keeps sharks of all kinds away from you – land or sea sharks.


Chain length approximately 14-16″. If you would like a specific length, just email me and I will gladly adjust!

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