Butterfly Wall Clock


This is a set of three items and they are awesome. Perfect for a “girly” bedroom. The pendulum swings back and forth on the clock.

Pendulum Clock, approximately 16″X14″X2″, Every butterfly is a different size and shape, each is hand embellished. The Butterfly that swings on the pendulum has a set of Vellum wings – ridiculously beautiful! There is a small butterfly attached to the second hand so that it moves around the face constantly.

The Armoire of Drawers, approx. 7″X5.5″X4″, is very sturdy and embellished like crazy. You can put a lot of memories in these pretty little drawers!

Butterfly Lamp, approx. 9″X4.5″X4.5″. The windows in the lamp are made with Vellum. It comes with an electronic tea lamp that shines right through. The base is weighted so that it stands strong and sturdy.

All pieces together are fabulous. If you would like any one piece or a different motif, just contact me. I love custom work!

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