3-D, Multi-Media Family Portraits


This particular family loves their backyard. The piece they are hanging on is yard art that came with the house, but was rusty and brown when I went to visit. It was originally something that sold the entire family on the house. I offered to clean it up and paint it for them if they gave me artistic license. I got out my wire brush, cleaned it up, and painted it with Rustoleum. They loved it!

I did an acrylic painting of the yard art on canvas. Then, took the individual pictures of them all in different poses and layered them for the 3-D effect. I decided to make the grass out of my hand made kiln-fused tiles. They were ecstatic!

I have been commissioned for several of these portraits and they are the most fun thing I create! I will come to your home, talk to your family and take individual and group pictures, find a commonality (i.e. boating, skiing, whatever) and incorporate it into your portrait. It is the best family portrait you will ever own. I always include pets free!

Prices vary by number of subjects and size of portrait.

Shipping: I custom pack and ship with great care so that your piece comes to you as you see it. There is no way to know the exact shipping until it is boxed and weighed. At that time, I will call or email you with the total to get your final okay. I do not make any money on shipping and do get a special price with UPS that I will pass on to you.

Message me for purchasing information, EXAMPLE